Marketing Programs

Do your Star Ratings have you seeing Stars?

A simple solution to maintain or improve your Star Ratings.

Tom Pitcherella, Managing Director, forty-one 12

Star ratings are increasingly driving the way we do business and it’s hard to pick up on trends and the year-to-year movement in cut-points for each rating with only a single point of view — your rating. Carriers are tasked with predicting and increasing Star rating performance without any line of sight into:

  • Where next year's cut points are likely to go
  • Which key measures you can impact most
  • Which members to target with outreach for the greatest impact
  • Which programs and services will close the gap and drive satisfaction and renewal

For 2019, there were 360 contracts rated in both 2018 and 2019. The changes for the year were as follows:

  • 80 contracts improved (22%)
  • 90 contracts declined (25%)
  • 190 contracts maintained (53%)

Through a joint partnership with Carrot Health, we can provide a comprehensive 360-degree view of your membership, Star ratings performance and the measures and members you can impact most. Combined with our communications programs, we will drive up member engagement, increase loyalty, and positively change member perception of the plan offering.

By using predictive modeling to identify members most likely to respond to gap closure, outreach via multiple communication channels: mail, phone, etc. and use these to estimate the impact of outreach investment, we can stay ahead of the forecasted cut points. Note: these efforts can include multiple measures at once. A variety of communication channels (based on outreach investment thresholds) can be utilized to deliver compelling messaging to members on specific measures that are relevant to their healthcare needs.