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Is your Age-in program showing its age?

We utilize data and educational content to speak to prospects at the right time with the right information.

Stacey Greiner, Senior Vice President, forty-one 12


Can't Outspend? Outsmart.

Large national health plans and regional Medicare Advantage plans continue to increase their annual budget allocation toward the Age-in segment. The idea is to buy market share and maintain a year-round market presence heading into the Annual Election Period.

Just over half of Age-ins expect to enroll in a Medicare plan upon initial eligibility. Given this trend, Age-in campaigns that solely focus on 64-year olds are increasingly excluding viable prospects who are choosing to retire after age 65. These individuals may not be “late to Medicare” in that a fair amount enroll shortly after turning age 66. Cutting off communication with these individuals at age 65 may limit the ability to convert them when they are actually ready to enroll. In fact, 16% of those aging in will delay enrollment until ages 66 to 70.

Savvy marketers will shift to precision marketing efforts to keep the post 65 retirees engaged based on the predicted date of retirement. By being able to identify those likely to retire late and crafting the appropriate content with precise media placement, you can generate cost effective enrollment when prospects are ready to retire.


Optimize to Drive Enrollment

Contact forty-one 12 for a demonstration of this “New to Medicare” program which targets current prospects ready to retire, commercial members who may not know their current insurer has a Medicare plan and late retirees. The multi-channel program provides a comprehensive educational component and provides a clear line of sight to their available Medicare options.